Come all you who are ready...

Now you know.

To understand how Jesus can give us this rest, let’s first watch a video that helps to explain the one, unified story of the Bible = 

Do you understand the Bible? Bible video

Do you understand yet?

  • Ok, now  you understand that the Bible is one big story of God’s plan, divided into two parts: before Jesus and after Jesus. So now you may ask, “Why is Jesus so important? What does Jesus have to do with my relationship with God?” 

To answer these questions, we need to learn who Jesus is. Let’s begin with Him. Let’s learn about His birth, his life, his teachings and miracles, his death, and his resurrection. 

The Birth of Jesus (prophecies?) 

  • Who Did Jesus say He was? 

  • What did Jesus teach? 

  • What miracles did Jesus do? 

  • Jesus’ death and burial 

  • The resurrection of Jesus 

  • Jesus (recap) 

  • This is an incredible story. But we still need to answer one very important question: Why did Jesus have to die to pay for our sins? Why can’t God just choose to forgive us in the end if He wants? 

    • The Bridge  

    • C to C